Source code for pyEX.points.points

# *****************************************************************************
# Copyright (c) 2020, the pyEX authors.
# This file is part of the pyEX library, distributed under the terms of
# the Apache License 2.0.  The full license can be found in the LICENSE file.
from functools import wraps

import pandas as pd

from ..common import _get, _raiseIfNotStr, _toDatetime

[docs]def points( symbol="market", key="", token="", version="stable", filter="", format="json", ): """Data points are available per symbol and return individual plain text values. Retrieving individual data points is useful for Excel and Google Sheet users, and applications where a single, lightweight value is needed. We also provide update times for some endpoints which allow you to call an endpoint only once it has new data. Args: symbol (str): Ticker or market to query key (str): data point to fetch. If empty or none, will return available data points token (str): Access token version (str): API version filter (str): filters: format (str): return format, defaults to json Returns: dict or DataFrame: result """ _raiseIfNotStr(symbol) if key: return _get( "data-points/{symbol}/{key}".format(symbol=symbol, key=key), token=token, version=version, filter=filter, format=format, ) return _get( "data-points/{symbol}".format(symbol=symbol), token=token, version=version, filter=filter, format=format, )
[docs]@wraps(points) def pointsDF( symbol="market", key="", token="", version="stable", filter="", format="json", ): _raiseIfNotStr(symbol) if key: return pd.DataFrame( [ { "symbol": symbol, "key": key, "value": points(symbol, key, token, version, filter, format), } ] ) return _toDatetime(pd.DataFrame(points(symbol, key, token, version, filter)))